Labelling While Avoiding These Mistakes

Labels are a popular variety of stickers that often get requested: chances are that most companies have ordered these at one point or another. Yet, despite how familiar you may be with this specific category of stickers, that does not mean you might not be making certain mistakes with regards to their printing! Here are some of the most common missteps:

Cutting corners – the first and most obvious mistake that customers tend to make is their belief that going for the cheapest available vinyl items is somehow profitable. It might not be. The cheapest option basically means that corners have been cut in its production: the colour quality may be low, the adhesive quality may be subpar or the materials used may be less than what is deserved. Every cent that you try to save equals to some sort of sacrifice in its production. This is all well and fine if the labels you are using may have no big significance, but if they do, it would make sense to increase their budget somewhat. The same applies to the belief that you may not need a professional to make your design: if you decide against it, the probability of you making a visually striking sticker label is significantly lower.

Not thinking about the adhesive – when it comes to sticker printing, there are three basic varieties of the adhesives used in giving stickers their sticky backs. These are the permanent variety of adhesives, the repositionable (i.e. semi-permanent) variety and the removable variety. The permanent variety obviously will be hard to reposition once applied, and it will most likely leave traces behind. The other varieties can be reapplied a few times usually. However, there is no guarantee that all three varieties will be effective on every kind of surface: for example, plastic and glass easily allow stickers to stick to them, but wood tends to make this difficult.

Not paying attention to the finish – the finish of a label sticker is what ensures that specific labels have a better resistance to factors such as moisture or abrasion, and also give them a glossy or matte look. As such believing that the finish is not worth your attention is a big mistake, more so if you are planning to use your labels for a considerable amount of time. Usually, professional printers will make sure to state the options you can work with, and list the advantages and disadvantages each option has, so make sure to communicate with them properly.

Over-ordering – and finally, whilst there are plenty of individuals who try to spend as little as possible, there also are others who tend to be more wasteful with their budgets. A good example of this is when simply too many labels are ordered. Before you state a batch number for your order, carefully consider exactly how many stickers you will need: add a dozen or so as a safety precaution and place your order.